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The David Phillips Furnished Index Calculator

The David Phillips Furnished Index Calculator helps Buy-To-Let Investors, Lettings Agents and Property Managers make a more informed decision about whether a rental property should be marketed furnished or unfurnished.

Independent research commissioned by David Phillips suggests that landlords may have missed out on over £300 million in rental income in 2015 –by not furnishing when they should have.

You’ll be able to see the current furnished rate for the postcode sector where the property is, and the average rental premium achieved (if any) by landlords for properties in the postcode sector that are furnished.

Simply enter a few important pieces of information into the form on the left, and generate your report. Not only will you see details of the furnished rate and average premium achieved, you will also see an indication of the payback period for furnishing and an indication of the likely return on investment will make a recommendation of whether to furnish - or not, and indicate the degree of importance that should be placed on the decision.

The recommendations provided by the Furnished Index Calculator are drawn from a database of almost 400,000 properties across the UK. The results are presented without bias, but rental premiums achieved can vary significantly depending on the individual property type and condition, its location, the neighbouring properties, and other factors. The Furnished Index results should be used a guide only, and we recommend discussing the data and your decision with a lettings or property management specialist who understands the local market.
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